Customer Illuminated maps tactical ways to grow your business. Our online training program shows how to implement that process.


How it works:

  1. Watch videos that explain what to do.

  2. Use templates to do those things.

  3. Repeat.


What you’ll get:


  • Evidence-based evaluation of the business opportunity

  • Evidence-based market segmentation

  • Evidence-based lead-scoring (how to target ideal customers)

  • Evidence-based description of your customers' desired form of progress

  • Evidence-based map of customer motivation for purchasing

  • Evidence-based product specs

  • Evidence-based pricing design

  • Evidence-based competitive analysis

  • Evidence-based positioning against that competition

  • Evidence-based diffusion tactics (i.e., how to reach and sell to customers)

  • Evidence-based go-to-market action plan

  • Office hours with dedicated mentors

  • Know how to interview properly

  • Know how to analyze interviews

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Training videos

  • Email templates

  • Interview guides

  • Analysis guides


The training program builds knowledge one level at a time. Click each level for details: