What timelines are involved?

Customer Illuminated unfolds over ten levels. Each level contains short videos that explain tactics and resources (e.g., email templates, interview guide templates). It takes less than two hours to complete each lesson’s video content. You could watch all of the video content in a day or two if you wanted. But that content is tactical. It’s meant to apply to your business. It takes around ten weeks of full-time work to implement the tactics. The program is self-paced, though, and our private beta customers have access for 18 months. So if you’re working another job or need to split time with other responsibilities, just proceed at your own pace.

How can the process work for a broad range of entrepreneurs?

A core set of questions make or break every business. Who are our ideal customers? What progress are those customers trying to make? How could our solution remove barriers to progress? What features are required? What’s the best way to reach them? What’s our true competition? What’s the most strategic positioning against that competition? How should we segment the market to target effectively? What’s the most effective pricing strategy? Customer Illuminated’s method answers these core questions using evidence collected directly from each business’ potential customers. So—while the business framework is universal—the evidence used to make strategic decisions is particular to each business.

Should I have a product before I start Customer Illuminated?

The program works with or without a product. The important thing is to be open-minded as you gather evidence about the real world. If you don’t have a product, great. Customer Illuminated can help you use evidence to build a product—and complete business—from the ground up. If you do have a product, great. Customer Illuminated can help you adapt that product—and business—to match customer needs.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Participate in up through the first four levels of Customer Illuminated. If you don’t think that it’s valuable within 30-days of purchasing, send us an email. We’ll ask for your completed work to make sure you gave it a try. And we’ll ask what didn’t work, so we can learn and improve. Once we receive your completed work and feedback, you’ll get a complete refund (minus the 2.9% that our credit card processor keeps). If you access any of Levels 5-10 or pass the 30-day mark, the refund no longer applies.

Can my team members access Customer Illuminated?

Yep. You can give up to four team members access with each purchase. Just email us names and email addresses after check-out, and we’ll send them sign-in instructions.